“Who Else Wants to Tone
And Trim Their Body In 50 Minutes Or Less.. With Your
Own Personal Trainer?”

Now You Too Can Look Amazing Without Spending A
Fortune on Gym Membership Fees!

Dear Keep Fit Enthusiast.

Angie and Ryan are both keen on keeping fit but attending a gym regularly just isn’t an option for them.  And, although they keep active, they find some parts of their body more difficult to trim and tone than others, do you find that?

That was until they discovered the ideal solution for them; one that can work amazingly well for you too.

Here’s Angie’s story…

“I take a keen interest in keeping fit and healthy, well both me and my other half, Ryan, do.  Mind you, it isn’t always easy - is it?  We are quite active; jogging, swimming, walking and I even make the effort to go to the occasional local keep-fit class.  Perhaps you keep active too?

But have you noticed that certain parts of your body don’t seem to ‘toe-the-line’? They stubbornly refuse to co-operate and get fully toned!

For me, it’s my thighs, legs and bum - I’m so-oo envious of those willowy, toned ladies who seem to keep a great figure without any (perceptible) effort!

And Ryan is forever whinging about not having the toned chest and abs the ladies seem to swoon over!

Now - I know what you are going to say… “Get yourself a personal fitness trainer down at the gym!”  And you know something… you’re right!  Except…

I don’t want to spend hours at the gym… quite apart from the added expense of membership fees!  And, Yes, I do still want a figure to-die-for.  Sigh!  The phrase ‘Having your cake and eating it too!’ comes to mind.

You see, the real problem is… it takes time and effort to attend a gym

  • there’s the time needed to travel there (it’s not just around the corner for us);
  • there’s the time you have to actually spend working out;
  • and you have to fit in with the trainer’s schedule - and that doesn’t always work for me.

Off / On buttonsIdeally, I want a ‘personal trainer on tap’.  You know, one I can switch on (& off!) at any time of the day or night, whenever I have 15 or 20 minutes to spare!  I suppose I need a ‘virtual personal trainer’, don’t I?

Well, guess what?  I found one… sort of.

Seriously, I discovered the perfect solution for me and Ryan… a full workout on DVD that not only showed me how to trim and tone my hips, legs and bum but also revealed how Ryan could work on his chest and abs too!

Impressing Friends

We knew how well it was working when we met up with a group of friends (who we hadn’t seen for a while) to go swimming.

I’d treated myself to a new costume - well, I had to… my old one was way too baggy!  Now I had slimmer hips and well-toned, shapely thighs and legs.  When my girl friends commented on them I must admit I felt pretty good! 

But that was nothing compared to how amazing I felt when we walked out to the poolside and I got wolf-whistles from the guys!

And it was so funny to see the girls’ jaws drop in amazement as Ryan, looking ‘well fit’, showed off his six-pack!

Of course they wanted to know what we’d been doing.  How had we managed to achieve such great results?  I’ll be honest, I was tempted to keep my DVDs secret - but I relented in the end and shared how I’d found our highly-qualified virtual personal trainer!”

And now I’ll let you into Angie’s secret too…

The virtual personal trainer she discovered is on the 3-DVD workout programme called:

Top-To-Toe Toning

This whole-body toning programme is newly released in the UK.

DanielaIn the first DVD you meet Daniela, who is your personal trainer, as she explains how to use the quick-fix workouts for specific parts of your body (those that you want to concentrate on).  Or you can combine the exercises into a full body workout… your choice.

Daniela is an expert in keep-fit and has taught hundreds of people how to get the body they dreamt of with straight forward, targeted workouts.  She is YOUR highly qualified personal trainer.  She is a:

       Registered Biokineticist – HPCSA

       IIFT Personal Trainer

       CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) – NSCA

       CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) – NSCA

Warm-Up sessionEach DVD starts off with a warm-up session; if you’ve done any type of keep-fit you know how crucial the warm-up is - you don’t want to damage yourself by starting an intensive workout with cold muscles!

Then there are two focused workout exercise sequences in which Daniela shows you exactly what to do, how to use the equipment and then actually does the whole workout routine with you!  And finally, the cool-down… just as important as the warm-up.

This is the personal workout programme… it fits into your schedule no matter how busy you are.  Simply do your exercises at a time and on a day (or days) of the week that suits you… all in the convenience of your own home!

What’s more you decide which areas of your body you want to trim and tone…

DVD 1: Quickfix Workouts For Your Cardio & Abs

Get your heart pumping!  Start circulating healthy oxygenated blood around your system and strengthen your heart.

Use this high-intensity workout to get rid of fat fast and release ‘feel good’ endorphins that help ease any symptoms of depression or fatigue.  And release other hormones that decrease your appetite, which also helps you to slim and trim.

Begin with just 6 minutes of rejuvenating exercise and then, as you gain strength and fitness, advance to spending16 minutes on each session.  You’ll be amazed at how energised you start to feel.

Want a 6-pack that is the envy of the guys and wows the girls?

Sculpt and tone your abs with this easy to follow routine - just 6 quick, simple to follow exercises - each repeated 10 times.  For fast results do the exercise daily… or go at a gentler pace with just 2 or 3 sessions each week.

In less time than you would believe you’ll notice the difference… see how toned your abs are!

And don’t forget - toning the abs is not just for the guys - a trim, firm, female abdomen not only looks fantastic in a bikini on the beach, it also looks stunning in the latest fashions!

DVD 2: Quickfix Workouts For Your Shoulders, Arms & Legs

Sexy limbs make you look more attractive, so tone up and strengthen them with these specifically designed workouts.  The first set is geared towards removing any stoop or rounding across your shoulders.  See how they improve your posture.  And when you mix ‘n match from the 10 simple workouts you tone and strengthen your arms as well - discover how easy it is to eliminate (or prevent) unsightly, flabby batwings.

And of course, you want sexy, toned legs to match… look amazingly sexy in your shorts or swimwear.

Choose from 5 leg workout exercises… use a cycling or rowing machine, dumb-bells, therabands or an exercise ball.  Start slowly with each sequence and work up to an invigorating workout.

DVD 3: Quickfix Workouts For Your Chest, Back & Bum

The last DVD in this focused fitness set works on firming your chest, strengthening your back and sculpting your bum.

Improve your breathing with these 3 sets of chest exercises designed to firm up and strengthen your chest.  The next 3 workouts focus on strengthening the muscles and tendons across your back.  Just think… doing these exercises regularly is helping you to avoid the debilitating back pain 17.3* million people in the UK experience!  And that means you can be as active as you like.

Hate to be seen in close-fitting clothes?  Do you say (or think) “Does my bum look big in this?”   Now you can tighten your bum, trim and tone it and look fantastic in those hip-hugging trousers or shorts (and in your swimwear).

A total set of 10 workout sequences targets these often difficult to tone areas of your body.

Full Body Workout…

Each DVD, as I’ve described, targets specific areas of your body. But, if you are keen to work on your whole body fitness, you can combine the workouts on these DVDs like this…

Day 1 - DVD 1, Cardio and Abs
Day 2 - Rest
Day 3 - DVD 2, Arms, Shoulders and Legs
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - DVD 3, Chest, Back and Bum
Day 6 - Rest

Or like this…

Day 1 - DVD 1, Cardio and Abs
Day 2 - DVD 2, Arms, Shoulders and Legs
Day 3 - DVD 3, Chest, Back and Bum
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - DVD 1, Cardio and Abs
Day 6 - DVD 2, Arms, Shoulders and Legs
Day 7 - DVD 3, Chest, Back and Bum

Remember, you can choose what to work and when with the cheerful help of your personal trainer, Daniela.  Follow this sequence and you’ll soon have a ‘figure to die for’ that is the envy of your friends.

Get Your Own Virtual Personal Fitness Trainer…

For Less Than The Price of One Month’s Gym Membership

You know as well as I do that many people who want to take care of their health spend a fortune joining a gym… in some places gym membership can be as high as £91 per month! …and that’s often after paying out a joining fee first!  And another thing… those monthly fees don’t include the attention of a qualified personal trainer.

What’s worse… a high proportion of those people rarely use the gym as frequently as they had planned - even though they signed up for a 12 month membership (have you ever done that?).  And, of course, that’s another problem… you try cancelling a gym membership you are not using - easier said than done!

Bargain Price - Act Now…

So, why waste a fortune joining and paying for a gym membership?  In fact, I’m going to offer you this complete set of 3 DVDs, showing you how to exercise and tone your whole body, for a lot less than just one month’s gym fees would cost you.

What’s more… you get the added advantage of working with your own personal trainer… a trainer who guides you through each workout - and for as long or short a session as you want - at any time that suits you.

Grab your Top-To-Toe Toning programme today for the bargain price of just…

Imagine it…

It’s a sunny, warm summer’s day. And instead of hiding those problem areas beneath baggy clothes, now you proudly show off your newly toned physique and enjoy the admiring glances you are attracting.

Your 100%
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although I know you’ll see, within 55 minutes, how easy it is to tone and trim your body following these workouts, I’m giving you a full 30 days to review and try these exercises for yourself.

If you don’t feel these DVDs have shown you the incredibly effective exercises you can use immediately to improve your physique, even in those ‘problem areas’, then simply return the DVDs in resalable condition within 30 days and ask for a full and courteous refund.

By now you’re probably excited about finally getting those hard-to-handle areas toned and trimmed.  And, maybe, you are anticipating the immense satisfaction of impressing your family and friends with your new fit body.  So go ahead – order your Top-To-Toe Toning DVD set now.

Yes Mike, I’m eager to get toned and trimmed with the guidance of my own virtual personal trainer. I’m looking forward to reaching my peak level of fitness and seeing the look of astonishment on my family and friends’ faces when they see how toned and trim I am!  Rush me my Top-To-Toe Toning DVD set without delay.

Your Bargain Price Today £29.97

Join the hundreds of other people who have had enough of expensive gym memberships.  Get fit and toned in the comfort of your own home and to your personal schedule.  Request your ‘Top-To-Toe Toning’ DVD set TODAY!

Enjoy your energising workouts and your new impressively toned body shape…

You'll soon be glad you did.

Kind Regards,

Mike Maloney.

P.S. Focusing on specific areas of your body with these targeted workouts means you’ll get the trimmed, toned body shape you want… all in the comfort of your own home, whilst saving a fortune in gym membership fees.

P.P.S. Your complete ‘Top-To-Toe Toning’ DVD workout set contains:

‘Top-To-Toe Toning’ DVD Workout Set
DVD 1: Quickfix Workouts For Your Cardio & Abs £24.95
DVD 2: Quickfix Workouts For Your Shoulders, Arms & Legs £24.95
DVD 3: Quickfix Workouts For Your Chest, Back & Bum £24.95

Simply choose which area you want to work on first and request your Top-To-Toe Toning set now…

Yours TODAY for the Bargain Price of just £29.97

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